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Timken Poly-Round® Bearings

Timken Poly Round Bearings

Poly-Round® bearings from CBT partner Timken are plane bearings that are made of high-performance bearing-grade polymer materials or specialty metal alloys. The material incorporates lubricity into its composition, allowing the unit to operate as a bearing without any grease (class III bearings). Because the bearing does not require grease, the use of seals or shields is eliminated. Poly-Round Plus features an anti-rotation pin that allows installation into most housings.

Advantages of using Poly-Round® Plus:

  • Extended up-time and reduced preventive maintenance time
  • Uses no grease
  • Unaffected by wash-down
  • Will not rust
  • Choice of materials depending on your specific application
  • Quick retrofit into most bearing housings

Ideal Environments:

  • High levels of sanitation
  • High or low temperature
  • Washdown
  • Process moisture, steam, brine, submerged
  • Partial rotation or start-stop
  • Impact
  • Corrosion

Appropriate locations for Poly-Round® bearings:

  • Modular plastic belts
  • Wire belts
  • Idlers, including ovens
  • Freezers
  • Dumpers
  • Blenders and mixers
  • Wastewater equipment



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